Neuroscience Research Interest Group

Making neuroscience accessible to all

About NeuRIG

NeuRIG’s main goal is to promote neuroscience throughout the community of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. We hope to do this by acting on a few main objectives:


Community Engagement

NeuRIG hopes to excite our local community about neuroscience. Most of our events are open to the public, and everyone is encouraged to attend (even without prior science backgrounds)!

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High School Outreach

Many high school students are not aware that neuroscience is a realistic post-secondary option for them. We hope to make high school students more aware of the field of neuroscience through classroom knowledge sessions and laboratory tour field trips.

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Neuroscience Opportunities

As neuroscience is one of the most rapidly expanding fields, it is essential that Northwestern Ontario students are given academic and research opportunities in neuroscience. We hope to establish a Neuroscience porgram at Lakeead University, and support students who want to get involved in research.

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Researcher Collaboration

Neuroscience is uniquely interdisciplinary. Therefore, collaboration between researchers of different academic fields is necessary for successful scientific advancement, and NeuRIG hopes to be a networking hub to support researchers who want to work together.

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Our Events

NeuRIG hosts a variety of events throughout the community, which are all aimed at getting the public engaged in neuroscience. Our events allow everyone to learn something about the brain, even without prior neuroscience knowledge!


Meet our Team

Behind the scenes, NeuRIG’s executive team works hard to bring neuroscience engagement initiatives to our community.

Maggie Prenger


Megan Clark


Alexandrea Macey

Treasurer & Fundraising Coordinator

Sean Carter

Events Coordinator

Cameo Sameshima

Community Outreach Coordinator

Dylan Chopp

High School Outreach Coordinator

Kathleen Michon

Recruitment Director

Founders & Faculty Advisors

Dr. Michael Wesner

Dr. Josephine Tan

Dr. Paolo Sanzo

Dr. Jane Lawrence-Dewar

Dr. Carlos Zerpa

Dr. Robert Omeljaniuk

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